The Accidental Entrepreneur

Randy Santel - Competitive Eater

July 21, 2020

Randy Santel is a competitive eater from St. Louis, Missouri who played college football (as offensive lineman) at Missouri State University. Randy worked in the construction industry from 2008 until retiring on October 26, 2013. He has been working full time as a professional eater, YouTuber, and Facebook Creator ever since, as the proud owner and operator of, LLC with "Magic Mitch" Dombrowski.

Randy joins Mitch on this fun and fascinating episode to discuss how Randy started with food challenges and where he is taking his business and career in the future.  He has almost 1 million followers on YouTube - you just have to check out his food challenge videos, especially where he talks about food establishments that tried to dupe him and secretly made the challenge harder!

Be sure to follow Randy on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

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